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Welcome to The Big White Church

The United Church of Christ acknowledges as its sole head, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior. It acknowledges as kindred in Christ all who share in this confession.

Sunday Worship Hours:

10:00 am – 11:00 am Worship
11:15 am – 12:00 noon Sunday School
11:00 am – 12:00 noon Social Hour

Our Vision Statement: God has No Limits!

At Berlin Heights First Congregational UCC, we are dedicated to being a viable, visible, nurturing, and active member of our community.   Through our committed staff, pastor, and lay leaders, we shall be a welcoming and faithful witness to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in this day and in this community.  We will be recognized for our outstanding worship, children’s programs, family life development, and the place where members of this community of all faith backgrounds feel welcome.  This church is open and accessible to all in the community and provides for spiritual growth and Christian fellowship in a welcoming environment.

Our Church:
• We are an affirming people, saying “yes” to God who is revealed in Creation, manifest in Jesus Christ, present through the Holy Spirit and is known in the Bible, understood in the historic creeds of the Church and experienced through one another in community.
• We are a covenanting people and joining with God and one another in a unique relationship of promises which God initiates.
• We are a searching people and seeking to learn God’s will and way for us as disciples in the world today.
• We are a witnessing people and committed to demonstrate the Good News of God’s love throughout all of creation.
• We are a welcoming people and a Church which reaches out to invite and include persons of every age, tongue, race, and religious background.

Prayer Concerns:
Remember in Prayer: Jim/Jean Nickols, Tom/Jackie Holland, Georgianna Brunow, Leroy Hayes, Gladys Knott, Chuck Williams, Martha Wright, Richard Andrews, Jackie Harward, Tim Tillinghast and his wife, Lisa Benke (Randy Weaver’s sister-in-law), Roberta Leimbach, Bill, (cousin of Bill Deehr), Jennifer (Michelle Martinek’s sister), Phil Hamilton, Linda Stamps (Frank Gioffre’s cousin), Bruce Wright, Dan (Pauline’s brother-in-law), Jeff (Emily’s brother), Bev Hohman (neighbor of Ethel Lois), the Beatty girls’ great grandmother, Katie Sacha, Virginia Ilene Brundgage Wright, Neville Ruggles (friend of Martha Wright), Andrea (Ethel Lois’s granddaughter), Doreen (Becky Vaughan’s sister), John Delmonico, Dreama (friend of Linda Phillips) Hollie Beatty and Beatty Girls, Serena Dawkins, the family of Elizabeth Angersbach (Jean Nickols’ sister), Aunt Grace (Rev Casey’s aunt), those killed on the Maylasian airliner and their families, children coming to the US illegally, people of Ukraine and the Middle East, the kidnapped Nigerian school girls, those who died in service to our country, those who are lonely, those who are struggling with their faith, those traveling, those suffering the results of severe weather, wildfires, victims of violence, victims of bullies around the world, trouble spots around the world, leaders of the world, First Congregational UCC, the Ohio Conference UCC, our Government Leaders, and those in the military.

Our Joys:

The wedding of Noah and Stephanie Hill, birthdays for Joe Burnham IV, Wilma Jean Kernell, Koti Malone, Valerie Deehr, the baptism of Connor Link and all those who came to celebrate with his family, Phil Hamilton is improving, Ethel Lois’ niece Becky is doing well, Connie Parker visiting – daughter of the late Rev. Harvey Parker. The Capital Improvement Fund has passed $7,000. Collecting 17 units of blood for the Red Cross. Beautiful weather and a wonderful time at the Steak Dinner and Ice Cream Social, Barb and Bob Bement’s son has moved closer to home, calves arriving at the Hartman’s with the first being a set a twins.

Inspirational videos:

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